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Frequently Asked Questions


Here's where you can find out all you need to know about Winterfest.  Still have questions?  Contact us - we'd love to hear from you!

What time should I arrive?


Winterfest begins at 9:00am, with check-in opening at 8:30am. We suggest aiming to get there between 8:30 and 8:45am.  Winterfest is held in North Coast Church, which is best accessed from the main entrance on the side.  Once you arrive, head to the Registration Desk where our volunteers will check in your kids and give them a name tag.  Although the program doesn't formally begin until 9am, our leaders will be available to greet any kids who arrive early and will help them join in with games and activities!  The day finishes at 12:30pm, but children won't be permitted to leave the auditorium unless they exit with a parent (or other authorised adult), and they will need to "check out" and hand in their nametag as they leave.

What should I bring?


Everyone is asked to bring a water bottle (labelled with your name), and one piece of fruit per family, per day.  Fruit will be collected when you check in each morning, and your water bottle can be placed in your group's bucket.  Come along in comfy clothes and shoes, and please make sure all items of clothing are labelled with your name.  On the first day of Winterfest each child will receive their Team Shirt.  We would love your child to wear their shirt each day as it will give them a sense of team identity and belonging, but wearing the Winterfest Shirt isn't a requirement.

Where is Winterfest held?


Winterfest is held at North Coast Church in Balcatta.  Look out for our signs and parking attendants who will guide you to the correct building.

What do you do at Winterfest?


Winterfest begins with "Together Time", where all the kids and leaders sit in front of our stage and enjoy singing together, watching a play and hearing a talk.  After Together Time, the kids separate into small groups with children of similar age (their small group number will be printed on their name tag).  Two leaders will sit with each small group and guide them through some discussion questions related to the drama and talk, and a quick morning tea of fruit, water, crackers and sandwiches.  After small groups, the children will rotate through craft, games and workshops.  Toward the end of Winterfest, everyone comes back together to wrap up the day.  We finish up at 12:30 and show a movie on the big screen until parents come and collect their kids.

What do you teach at Winterfest?


Everyday at Winterfest we have a short, 5-10 minute talk based on the Bible, and small group discussions afterwards that reinforce what was taught during the talk.  Although our leaders will encourage children in their care to participate, no child will be forced to answer a question or speak up if they don't want to.  Winterfest is an initiative of North Coast Church.  If you'd like to find out more about our church and what we believe, head to our church website.

Can I stay with my child?


We love having parents stick around at Winterfest!  We work hard to ensure we recruit enough leaders and volunteers to create a safe, well-supervised environment for your child, but we welcome all parents to stay behind in our "Winterfest Cafe" to enjoy a coffee and cake while you watch your kids enjoy Winterfest.  We have staff and volunteers from our church available in the cafe to serve you coffee or tea and we'd love you to stick around for a sweet treat on us!  Stay as long as you like, or drop your children off and run - it's completely up to you!

Do you serve food?


All children are asked to bring a water bottle (labelled with their name).  At morning tea, each child will be given plain crackers, fruit and sandwiches (jam and vegemite).  Cakes, biscuits and slices are served to parents in our Winterfest Cafe, and all our food suppliers are asked to ensure their food is nut-free.  Although we work hard to keep Winterfest a nut-sensitive environment, we can't guarantee all food will be free of nut traces.

What if my child needs medical attention?


We have a qualified first-aid officer on duty at Winterfest who will be available for minor incidences requiring first aid.  More serious medical emergencies will be dealt with under the direction of the First Aid Officer, who may call an ambulance if required.  Parents will be required to cover any costs incurred, should an ambulance be called.

Who are your volunteers?


Winterfest couldn't run without the generous support of volunteers who give up their time to make Winterfest happen.  Our volunteers all have a valid Working With Children Check and have read and signed our North Coast Church Code of Conduct.  Our leaders, who work closest with the children, also receive special training equipping them to teach and lead children in an age-appropriate, engaging and safe way.

Do you offer discounts?


We don't want anyone to miss out on coming to Winterfest.  If finances are an issue for you, we'd love you to get in touch.  We have funds available to subsidise fees, so if finances are stopping you from being able to register, contact us and let us know what you can pay - we'd be happy to cover the rest!

What are you doing to ensure that winterfest is COVID safe?


We want Winterfest to be a COVID safe environment for everyone. As part of this, we ask that you please use the sanitizer provided on arrival. We will also sanitize the children's hands before eating. Gloves & face masks will be worn when preparing the food. We also ask that volunteers & children stay home if they are unwell.

Can my child attend on selected days only?


We do prefer full registrations.  The same amount of preparation and expense is needed whether a child attends Winterfest everyday or just one or two days.  For this reason, we generally only open registrations to children who will attend Winterfest everyday.  (The $65 registration fee gives children entry to Winterfest across all four days).  As Winterfest approaches, if we have extra spaces available, we may then open up partial registrations to families who only want to pay for individual days, at a rate of $15 per day.  If you have a special circumstance you would like to discuss, or you would like us to make you aware if/when partial registrations become available, please contact us.

What happens if COVID restrictions require Winterfest to be cancelled?


If this happens, then we will refund you as much of the registration fee as we can (this will depend on what we would have already purchased and what refunds we receive). 

Any other questions?


Still have questions?  Contact us - we'd love to hear from you!

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